Important information to all NYSC PCMs

This information goes to all those whose names have appeared in the recently uploaded nysc Senate list on nysc portal are to proceed for registration for mobilization starting this day July 10, 2018 to  July 16, 2018 as soon as possible because this is the race of the fastest. What I meant by this is that the earlier you do your nysc registration the high chance that you will be mobilized along with parts of batch A PCMs this july 24, 2018. It is first come first serve as only some PCMs will be chosen at multiple randoms that will be Mobilized alongside the older PCMs this July 24, 2018.

Registration has started, visit the link you will see in the front page that registration has started and then click the link it will direct you to where you can begin to register or

For more details visit our website at

or blog at

Distinctedu Team
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